Mobile Data Collection Solutions

Mobile data collection is vital for staying on top of your operations, whether you’re in retail, construction, healthcare, food service, wholesale, or any other industry. Until recently, the problems of data collection in the field largely had to so with inefficient processes, expensive proprietary equipment, and other issues that restricted the use of mobile data collection tools to firms with large tech budgets and IT departments. With the advent of cloud-based apps, FReD as a go-to scalable field data solution is in reach for companies of all sizes, as well as being highly customizable to suit your unique needs.

  • field-marketing-software

    Field Marketing

    Improve communication between your location and your reps, give them current stock levels, plan field events, and handle CRM.
  • merchandising

    Field Merchandising

    Keep tabs on your outside representatives and get data on sales, display performance, and customer contact.
  • retail-store-audit-software

    Retail Store Audit

    You don’t need to hire a retail audit firm when you can control your own retail audit software. Track sales volume by brand, monitor stock levels, catch trending items, and get hard data on your displays and promotional campaigns.
  • field-data-collection-software

    Field Data Collection

    No more waiting for forms to be processed from remote locations. Make your project manager’s life easier and your bottom line healthier.
  • Field Service Management

    Field Service Management

    Manage sales, service, installation, and repair of your assets wherever they are, and get your data in real time.
  • Sales Force Automation

    Sales Force Automation

    Develop your custom sales force automation app that handles inventory control and processes sales, in addition to analyzing and forecasting sales and inventory, and managing the CRM end.

It won’t take long to set up your project with full control of your parameters, construct your market plan, and start your mobile field data capture within 24 hours of deployment. It’s fast, intuitive, and works on multiple devices. Contact us and get a demo today!